Paper Hand Towels

Do you know the Difference between a C Fold Paper Towel and a V Fold Paper Towel?

Here you can find the Paper towel to best suit you and your company.

Chose between our different towel types including folded paper hand towels or Paper towels on a roll which have auto cut or manual cut dispensers.

The Hand Towel Range

We all need to dry our hands. Here you will find a selection of different types of towels to suit you and your company.

Of course, this can be very confusing for some as aren’t all hand towels the same?

No!! We have many options that we will explain in fine detail so you can be sure to find the best Paper Hand Towel for you.

Are you too busy to keep up with refilling your dispensers? We have a solution with our Roller Hand Towels options.

C Fold Hand Towel

The old fashioned paper hand towel! C Fold was the 1st of its kind. Folded and wastefull but still very popular today with Schools and Factories. More info…

Z Fold Hand Towel

One of our popular, modern options for drying your hands. Interleaved and shaped in a Z from profile view. No waste with this option! More info…

V Fold Hand Towel

Similar to our Z Fold towels, the V Fold options or I Fold as it’s also know is an open towel when pulled from your dispenser. A great choice, More info…

Roller Hand Towel

Our best choice for high usage areas. Having more hand towel dries per roll or dispenser is a must for busy washrooms or kitchens.

M Fold Hand Towel

M Fold is also a open towel when dispensed that offers a whole towel to dry your hands. Available in White or Blue. Part of our North Shore range. More info…

1or 2ply Hand Towel

1ply or 2ply, the choice is yours? 1 ply tends to be a higher GSM as to absorb water. 1ply is a popular choice with schools and availabel in all fold types.

Hand Towel V Dryers

The cause of many arguments. This is a topic you should have your say on. We know which we prefer but what are your thoughts? We think Paper Towels because, Read more…

Where can i buy from?

We can guide you in choosing the right towel we think you will need. The best deals we found online is from or Parcels & Pallet deals…

Roll Towel Dispensers

Hand Roll Towel Dispensers are available in ABS Plastic. There are many manufacturers across the world with each having their own ideas and designs. We will present to you our most popular, tried and tested dispensers that we know will work with your paper hand towels on a roll.

Centrefeed Hand Towel

Centrefeed Hand Towels in Blue

We don’t normally offer advocate the use of Centrefeed Rolls to be used as a hand towel but it’s an option so many choose. Centrefeed case prices often seem quite low and the thoughts of many are that if its a cheap pack then it must be better value?

Well i’m afraid that’s not the case. Waste plays a massive part when drying your hands and Centrefeed rolls are..

Hand Towel Dispensers

What type of Hand Towel Dispenser do i need for my paper towels?

Life would be so much easier if every hand towel fitted into a single type of dispenser! Unfortunately it’s not that easy as each manufacturer likes to try to tie in a customer. For good reason manufacturers off free dispensers as long as the user buys their hand towels from certain distributors. The problem is that..

Free Hand Towel Dispensers

We all like a freebie every now and again!

North Shore & Bay West UK offer a range of FREE on Loan dispensers including Folded Hand Towels and Roller Hand Towels. The range is for a complete washroom and also includes Toilet Roll and Soap Dispensers. You can see the complete range at Bay West Uk with different colour options to suit your washroom.

Flushable Hand Towels

Do you have issues with blocked toilets caused by hand towels being chucked down the drain?

Problem solved! We have a few flushable hand towels available including a standard C Fold Flight Hand Towel.

Moving into the new modern world Papernet have introduced Dissolve-tech. A Paper Hand Towel that will dissolve when…

We hope we’ve helped your decision in choosing the right hand towel for your business?

We’ve tried to explain the world of hand towels the best way we can but if you’re still unsure then why not just call us on 0151 342 2111. Ask for sales and we will be happy to advise.
Jason, Paper Hand Towels

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