We are Passionate About Paper Hand Towels

We have been in the Paper Hand Towel market for over 20 years and love to share what we know. At Loorolls.com we also love to save our customers money and to assist them in using the correct product to suit their needs and their business.

Fully Stocked Warehouse

We have a fully stocked warehouse with a comprehensive range of Paper Hand Towels ready and waiting.

We have a over £150k worth of Paper Products stocked up in our warehouse and are ready to distribute across the UK and Ireland.

Paper is in Our Blood

We have many years experience in the Tissue Away from Home (AFH) market, over the past 20 years we have seen many changes, some for the better and some not so good. One thing still remains the same, everybody has to dry their hands!

We offer solutions for both washing and drying your hands with a range of Paper Hand Towels

Our Team

We have a small team devoted to our cause.

Having the support of great staff members enables us to devote our time growing our customer base and developing our range of Tissue Products.




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Customer Service


Warehouse Operative

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The Paper Towel Brands

The Big Hand Towel Brand available in the UK. Here you may see some brands you recognise? We’re sure there will be a few here you don’t know about too!

Tork, Lotus

We also distribute Paper Towels from Tork UK.


We import goods from across Europe.