Loorolls, Which Type Should I Buy?

Loorolls, Which Type Should I Buy?

With so many options to choose from when it comes to Loorolls, which one’s are the best buy?

Our Best Selling and Best Value Loorolls

At Loorolls.com we sell 1000’s of toilet rolls every week in many different formats. Based on sales we would say our 320 sheet toilet rolls is our best seller but this is only due to the fact that we are a wholesale company and sell to distributors. In our industry we have customers who are Hotels, Schools, Factories and large end users who want the best value when it comes to loorolls. With bulk wholesale deals also a factor, we offer pallet and container deals to distributors who also have a database of similar customers. A 320 sheet toilet roll offers exactly what it says on the pack, 320 sheets per roll with 36 rolls per case that offers great value.

How do I choose the Best 3ply Toilet Roll?

We have stocked so many 3ply toilet rolls over the years. With so many to choose from in discount stores, supermarkets, wholesalers, it’s hard to know which is the best quality and what brands are the best value. What we do know is that you don’t always have to pay more to get the best 3ply Loorolls as most 3ply toilet rolls are made using the same base sheet toilet tissue. Some discount stores offer 4 pack 3ply toilet rolls as little as £1 per pack and are often pretty good products. We have however seen many rather dreadfull 3ply loorolls in bargain stores that don’t quite cut the mustard. At Loorolls.com we offer a few options, all tried and tested and consistant through the years. Great bargains can also be found at Toiletrolls.com.

Desna Rose 3ply Toilet Rolls is an above average 3ply Toilet Roll that is perfect for any business or household. It’s not a product you will find in any high street bargain or discount shop and is available through many online distributors including Loorolls.com. Desna Rose offers 160 sheets per roll which is the average amount of sheets for a 3ply now days, Desna Rose is made using pure tissue. With many buying options for end users and bulk buy prices for wholesalers.

Things to look out for when buying Loorolls.

How do YOU make your decision when buying Loorolls? Would you go for the cheapest toilet rolls? Are you looking to pick the one that has the prettiest packaging? Do you rely on what the adverts tell you on the TV? You would think it’s easy to choose the best toilet rolls but there are so many options. We know that when someone finds a brand they like they tend to stick with it but saying that, manufacturer’s are always tweaking products to compensate for different things like price increases. What we would always say is that if you look for consistancy in quality from a reputable supplier you won’t go far wrong. Things to look out for would be inconsistancy in tissue colour, irregular product weights and suppliers always offering something you didn’t order or want.

Paper Hand Towel Options

Paper Hand Towel Options

There are so many disposable towels to choose from in the UK. All your Paper Hand Towel Options can be mind blowing and making the right choice will be based on your business type and your budget. If your budget is low and your footfall is high then you would imagine the cheapest case price would be your best choice. However, you should really be thinking about the waste involved and the cost per use per towel.

Things to look out for when costing Paper Hand Towels

I’ll use an example from Toiletrolls.com. The current (27th Sept 2018) pricing on 2 towels, C Fold 1ply Green and V Fold 1ply Green. You will see the current case price on both. The C fold is cheaper per case price but if you look into the specification you will see that you get 2080 more towels per case with the V Fold. The costing below shows a price per 100 towels. The saving is based on the amount of towels per case and doesn’t take into account the extra towels used when you have C Fold.

To conclude, for us it’s a no brainer! V Fold Hand Towels works out so much better value for money and less waste for you and your customers too. The gsm on both towels are the same. There is a difference with the towel size but saying that, C fold hand towels are not very often opened out to a full size towel. As a matter of fact, you’ll find so much waste in your washroom bins unless you use flushable options.

Pack Size CASE PRICE PRICE per 100
C Fold Green 2520 £11.50 £0.46
V Fold Green 4600 £15.50 £0.34

Where can you buy these Paper Hand Towel Options?

It is a question we’re often asked but a simple google search for Paper Hand Towel will of course show hundreds of results. Trawling through all these results will blow our mind, therefore as there are so many price differences. The easiest way to find what your looking for would always be to call and speak with someone who knows what they are talking about or instead you can email us. You can trust your sales team at Toiletrolls.com who offer a huge range of Branded and Economy Paper Hand Towel Options. Also, all at very competitive prices.

Don’t get confused about all the paper towel options!

Are you confused about how many different types of Paper Hand Towel options there are available. And in addition to that also, how varied the prices are? How easy is it to decide which towels are best for you and your company? I suppose it does come down to budget, we all want the best product for the cheapest price. Scouring the internet for the cheapest hand towels can also be so time consuming and lets face it, boring coupled with time consuming. Trying to work out case sizes, grammage, towel sizes, how many plies does a towel have, it’s never ending. Also, what we have found is the most comprehensive economy range available is from Desna Professional Products.

c fold paper hadn towel collection

How to Get Free Hand Towel Dispensers

How to Get Free Hand Towel Dispensers

We all like a good deal when it comes to consumables. Throwing paper down the toilet or in the waste bin can be expensive depoending on the size of your business. One way to reduce your costs is to not pay for dispensers. Lot’s of Distributors offer Free on Loan deals to end users based on the understanding that if you get free dispensers the end user would have to continue to buy refills, often under signed contract.

North Shore Free On Loan Dispensers, Bay West

Free dispenser support is currently available from Bay West UK, the range they offer include a comprehensive range of dispensers for your washroom, kitchen or workplace. A standard contact with Bay West would normally be a 3 year deal, that means to get free Dispensers you would need to buy refills. Bay West and North Shore have a network of distributors who can offer support and service.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re discussing Free Dispensers with your supplier is why they are free. Bay West and North Shore dispensers are free and refills are priced based on cost in use. Three is a list price that all distributors stock with but when competing with other brands prices can be negotiated. The main reason for a tie in contract is that tyour distributor will have no doubt paid for the dispensers you have had and over time they will eventually get their money back, once this is acheived they can then start to make a profit. It’s a commitment for both customer and distributor that works well.

Will alternative products fit into my free dispensers?

This is where you have to be carefull! System dispensers are usually designed to have a single product fit them. For instance, all North Shore dispensers only have refills that fit their own range. The 4 Roll Orbit system refills are Ecosoft JS616NS that will not fit in any other system. A standard 320 sheet household toilet roll will not fit in a System dispenser.

To enquire about getting free dispensers for your paper products and soap systems we recommend contacting sales@loorolls.com, Loorolls have been a distributor of system sales for over 10 years and have a great reputation for service and support.

North Shore Single Fold Hand Towel Dispensers




North Shore Mechanical Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser




North Shore Hybrid Roll Towel Dispenser

Sensor Operated




North Shore Orbit 4 Rolls Toilet Roll Dispensers




North Shore Side By Side Toilet Roll Dispensers




Claim your free Dispensers now!

To benefit from Free on Loan Dispensers we recommend that you contact the Sales office at Loorolls.com who can offer a complete survey on your requirements.
V Fold Paper Hand Towels

V Fold Paper Hand Towels

It’s so easy to get confused with all the different types of folds there are when it comes to paper hand towels. C, Z, M, I, V, S and i’m sure i’ve missed some from the list.

V Fold Paper hand towels are a UK favourite. These hand towels are also known as Singlefold, Interleaved, Interfold or I Fold hand towels. It basically means that ever 2 towels are linked together and when one towel is dispensed form your wall mounted V Fold Dispenser there is a towel ready for the next person to dry their hands.

The V Fold Paper Hand Towels Options

You will find many options when it comes to a V Fold towel. we will list here our best and most common products you will find in the UK.

  • V Fold 1ply Green
  • V Fold 1ply Blue
  • V Fold 1ply White
  • V Fold 2ply White (Best seller)

When it comes to saving money with paper towels V Fold are a great option. Often packed in 5000’s which helps reduce order quantities which saves on carriage costs and the amount of boxed you have to purchase. You can find many buying options at Loorolls.com, they offer a pack of 4600 V Fold Paper Hand Towels 1ply Blue or Green for as little £13.50 for a pallet.

Schools, Colleges and Hospitals are already a big user of V Fold towels with Care homes starting to come on board, replacing the old fashioned C Fold towels. Hospitals are a big favourite of V Fold 2ply White hand towels and with the new Dissolve tech 2ply White being available the costly issues of blocked drains can be a thing of the past, when it comes to hand towels blocking drains that is!

Z Fold Paper Hand Towels

Z Fold Paper Hand Towels

Z Fold hand towels are a popular choice with those who want to save money. When drying your hands it is important to have a hand towel that is open so that the whole surface area can be used to absorb wet hands. This hand towel is designed to be open once dispensed from a wall mounted hand towel dispenser.

Z Fold Hand Towels Options

We have more than one option when it comes to Z Folded Paper Towels offering value, economy and quality. Even 1 ply Blue Hand Towels offer a great hand dry due to a high gsm.

  • Blue
  • White
  • 1ply, 2ply or 3ply
  • Recycled Tissue
  • Pure Cellulose, Virgin Tissue
  • Brands include Papernet, Katrin, Tork, Desna

The Best Selling Z Folded Hand Towel

As much as we sell many economy hand towels including the ever popular ZFold 1ply Blue towel we sell so many more Z Fold Paper Hand Towels 2ply White. Boxed in 3000 sheets per case you can find many great deals. One of the best deals you will find online is from Loorolls.com offering a pallet deal at only £13.50 per case. Single case and parcel prices are also available at amazing rates. This is a mixed recycled grade tissue of 50% Recycled and 50% pulp. Each towel size is 220 x 240mm and more than adequate for a complete towel dry of no more than 3-4 hand towels per dry. Each ply is 18 gsm totalling in in a 36gsm hand towel. Micro Embossing the 2 plies together is more than enough for the plies not to come apart and offers a soft and strong towel. Desna Products has a great range of paper disposables including a range of Z Fold Paper Towels to choose from.

Papernet Z Fold Paper Hand Towels, Special Range

Part of the Papernet Luxury range of Hand Towels from Sofidel. As good as the above recycled Z fold are there are customers who don’t worry about costs and simply want the best. Papernet offer a deluxe Z Fold towel made from pure cellulose that is glue embossed. This towel is 20gsm per ply totalling 40gsm per towel witha  size of 22 x 24cm. You can download the Data Sheet for more information. Each sheet has a wave embossed pattern to enhance the quality, look and feel.

Do not use Centrefeed to dry your hands

We know many of you guys use Centrefeed rolls to dry your hands but really, you are wasting money. Check the amount of wasted tissue paper in your washroom bin and how much if the tissue is dry!


Dissolve Tech Paper Towels

Dissolve Tech Paper Towels

Flushable Paper Hand Towels

I can gaurantee that when you come across a blocked toilet or drainage problems, your supplier or tissue manufacturer will get the blame! Over the years i’ve had to visit many sites to get to root of the problem. Don’t get me wrong, there have been occasions over the years when toilet tissue has been to blame. I can recall one incident when a paper converter used hand towel tissue as a toilet tissue by mistake and it caused a blockage. That however was an isolated incident and luckily doesn’t really happen. The problem was quickly resolved and the stocks in question was re-pulped.

Finally, after all these years there is a solution to help combat blocked drains and toilets. Papernet have developed a paper towel that is not just flushable but dissolves in water. Dissolve tech is a new technology that are perfect for use in problem areas where Paper Hand Towels are dropped down the loo. Problem areas of business seem to be Schools, Care Homes, Motorway Service Stations and Hospitals.

Take a look at our Video explaining the benefits of a Dissolvable Hand Towel.

Papernet Dissolvetech V Fold Paper Hand Towels

Papernet Dissolve Tech is a developing range of Tissue Products and offers a great product called DissolveTech V Fold Hand Towels, boxed with 3150 towels per case. This is an Interleaved hand towel that presents an open towel for drying your hands meaning no waste at all as every inch of the tissue is used. Each towel is manufactured using 20gsm per ply, Pure cellulose tissue, that’s 40gsm per towel. The towel size is 21cm x 22cm, a perfect size for hand drying. Each towel has a wave pattern with a light blue zig zag design. We have to say, this is a top quality paper towel and highly recommended from us here!

Papernet Dissolvetech 2ply White Paper Hand Towels

papernet dissolvetech paper hand towls

What’s the Difference Between Flight Hand Towels and Dissolvetech?

Flight paper hand towels are flushable and do break down in water but the big difference is that we can only find them available in a C Fold format. Flight towels are a big part of aviation supplies as most, if not all aircraft use a flight hand towel. Now with the dissolve tech range Papernet sales are sure to be hot on their heels.

Hand Towel Dispensers

Hand Towel Dispensers

The Minefield of Paper Hand Towel Dispensers

If you’re not already confused then good look with the following information about our Hand Towel Dispensers. There are so many different shapes and sizes available for all the different types of towels available. We get asked most of the following questions every week. We get so many enquiries about dispensers and towels to suit.

Question, Will your hand towels fit in my dispenser?

We offer a huge range of Hand Towel Dispensers to fit the majority of Hand Towels in the UK, saying that, there are imported dispenser about the UK that some have purchased cheap over the years that may not fit standard UK size towels. Therefore no would be your answer.

If you can give us as much information about the dispenser you have we can normally match a towel to suit.

We have many dispensers available including

  • C Fold
  • Z Fold
  • Roller Hand Towel
  • Microfold
  • Centrefeed
  • ABS Plastic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Automatic sensor
  • AutoCut

Things to be mindfull of when it comes to hand towel dispensers

Things to be mindfull of when it comes to hand towel dispenser is whether they will actually fit a certain towel. For example, if you currently use a C Fold paper towel and wish to switch to an open towel to save yourself money you will then need to know which options to choose from. A Z fold towel may not be the best option for this becase of the depth of the towel and the size of you dispenser opening.

More time than not you are best switching from a C Fold to a V Fold or Interfold hand towel because the towel when folded normally fits nicely into the open dispenser. Our Papernet Dissolvetech V Fold is a perfect replacement for a C Fold.

If you’re looking for new hand towel dispenser, please contact us. We will more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Switch from C Fold to V Fold and Save Money

If you’ve read through this site you’ll notice that we will always recommend an open hand towel over a folded C Fold towel. We gaurantee you will save money when you switch which will help reduce your budget and also reduce your order quantities. When purchasing a Hand Towel Dispenser you must be aware that different towels fit different dispensers. For example, Z Fold towels are not a good fit for a C Fold Dispenser.

Microfold Hand Towel Dispensers

Our Microfold dispensers are something a little different from the common teardrop dispenser you see in may establishments. Microfold from Bay West and North Shore have designed a compact dispenser and a range of Towels to suit that are smaller in size to fit and look amazingly modern in any Kitchen or Bathroom. When each dispenser has 2 full sleeves of towel there is no wasted space and a compact, neat fit.

microfold dispensers and hand towels

Offering 3 modern colours in Midnight Black, Ice White and Ocean Blue. Another amazing benefit from this North Shore Microfold Hand Towel System is that you can get Free On Loan Dispensers, that’s correct, you don’t have to pay for them, you only have to pay for the product to suit. You can read more about How to get Free Hand Towel Dispensers on our other blog post.

Roller Hand Towel Dispensers

We all want to save money when it comes to drying our hands. Roller Hand Towel Dispensers are designed with cost in use in mind. Single sheet dispensing system that offers a fully open towel ready to dry your hands. Our new range of North Shore dispensers offer 2 options, Standard auto cut system that when you pull the towel from the dispenser a mechanical mechanism automatically cuts the sheet at a certain length leaving a tab ready for the next towel pull.

What you need to know about automatic hand towel dispensers

If that sounds a little unhygienic for you then wht not look at our North Shore Hybrid Automatic Sensor Roller Hand Towel Dispenser. This is a battery powered dispenser with a sensor that enables a single sheet towel ready to use. With a standard delay so the towels don’t keep coming out. We have automatic to have some great points but also a few negative ones.

As hygienic as is sounds, and they do offer the solution for not wanting to actually touch the dispenser there is a sheet tab visible and therefore may be deemed as not enclosed and not 100% clean and untouched.

The biggest issue we have found is to be the maintenance. If you don’t keep an eye on the dispensers and the battery runs out then the system doesn’t work. Once the battery has run out it is then down to the users to replace or recharge. We have had many compaints over the years about dispenser not working only to find the batteries had not been replaced!

north shore hybrid roll towel dispensers

What would be your preferred Hand Towel Dispenser? Let us know of the issues you may have in your day to day paper hand towel world!

C Fold Paper Hand Towels

C Fold Paper Hand Towels

C Fold Paper Hand Towels, Folded Hand Towels.

The first question i need to answer is why these towels are called C Fold? When folded as the image above is you will see 2 flaps, once these are lifted the shape resembles a letter C, there you go, it’s not rocket science! Wait until you see why Z Fold are called by their name! 🙂

C Fold paper hand towels are still our most asked for hand towel and for some reason our best seller. I suppose some people just don’t like change.

3 reasons why we don’t recommend C Fold hand Towels

  1. These towels are folded in on themselves and most users will not open up the towel causing waste.
  2. C Fold tend to be a lower gsm meaning that you need more to dry your hands.
  3. If they are put into a dispenser the wrong way you will struggle to take only one towel causing waste.

20 years ago when we didnt have interleaved towels a standard size would be 230mm x 330mm. A great size towel that would also be 40gsm. As the cost of raw material grew, manufacturers had to make the decision to reduce grammage and towels sizes. Today you can get a C fold towel that is 36gsm and a size of 230mm x 250mm which is 80mm shorter than they used to be. With the towel being folded its not a big issue as we discussed earlier, most people don’t open the towel anyway! Pack sizes have also been reduced to allow more cases per pallet. This of course helps distribution and keeps costs down when transporting goods across then world. You can find C Fold Hand Towels Pallet Deals at Loorolls.com of this exact product.

4 good reason why we do recommend C Fold Towels

Individually folded Hand Towels are important to some. Cost in use is very important so open towels are very cost effective. When there is a need for towels that don’t open out or are not interlocked with another, C Fold is ideal. I have seen many Primary schools with this used as an option for a few reasons.

1, Dispensers cannot be fitted at low levels so children can reach the towels to dry their hands.
2, Some companies want to present hand towels in a basket or open tray.
3, Golf Clubs love to offer open baskets for their Airlaid Hand Towels
4, Not wanting to drill holes into a wall is a popular reason not to have a wall mounted dispenser.

Why are there 3 C Fold colours?

Green, Blue or White are the 3 colour options with our C Fold Hand Towels. Beige or Natural has tried to make it’s mark in the UK hand towel market but has failed to make an impact. Blue is a colour used in the Catering Industry. Schools are also a big user of Blue Hand Towels. Green towels always seem to be the economy, cheap choice but in reality green and blue cost the same. White tissue is available in 1, 2 or 3ply options and mostly associated with being the posh towels. A Pure tissue hand towel in 2 ply or more is usually soft and classed as a luxury product. Of course you recycled is also availble in white towels and often just as soft as pure tissue.

Hand Dryers v Paper Hand Towels

Hand Dryers v Paper Hand Towels

The big debate. Over the years we’ve heard many people argue about whether hand dryers are better than hand towels. We’ll try to stay neutral in this post even though we do have our own opinion.

It’s sounds obvious that if you don’t have to buy Paper Hand towels then you dont have to spend any money. Well that’s not really the case. You firstly have to purchase Hand Dryers, these can range from as little as £55 for the cheap 2kw Blue Dry Junior dryers. The problem with a 2kw hand dryer is that it takes ages to dry your hands and to be honest, who wants to wait around in toilets for more than time than they need to? Not me, that’s for sure!

For the more expensive Automatic Hand Dryers you can expect to pay up to £1000. There are deals to be had if you’re a savvy shopper. In our experience, you can find a decent hand dryer for approximately £300. At this price range you can find dryers that promise a 10 second hand dry. Saying that i would expect to take a little longer to dry my hands properly. Even with paper towels i would expect to take my time.

What is more Hygienic, Hand Towels or Hand Dryers?

its fair to say that everyone has their own opinion and regardless of what reports my say, people have t make decision’s based on their budget and needs. If it was up to us here, Paper Hand Towels would be the choice. Not just because were here to make money or sell you products but because when i want to dry my hands in a public washroom i want to wash and go as quickly as i can with dry hands. Standing in peoples way waiting for a dryer to work it’s magic take forever in my opinion and when you do get a dryer that works quickly you still walk out the bathroom and wipe your hands on your pants, they never really feel dry!

We found a great article from The Guardian back in 2019 that goes into detail and also supports the use of paper hand towels over hand dryers. Take a look and feel free to comment and voice your opinion.

Centrefeed Hand Towels

Centrefeed Hand Towels

Should you really be using Centrefeed as a Hand Towel?

In our opinion no! For distributors to offer Centrefeed rolls as a hand towel option is often good business as it does mean that you come back quicker to buy your next batch of rolls. In saying that, we are aware that many end users choose Centrefeed rolls as a first choice hand towel and no matter what advice they are given they, for some reason stick with centrefeed.

We would much prefer to offer a solution that works and offers value for money. All of the Paper Hand Towel options you see throughout this website are designed to dry your hands, some offer comfort, others offer value and the rest are what we would recommend which offer both.

Why we Don’t Recommend Centrefeed to Dry Your Hands.

Waste!! It’s the biggest problem with using centrefeed rolls to dry your hands as it can be so misused. There are options to buy a controlled centrefeed from Tork. Tork offer a system call Reflex which tears off at a set perforration once pulled from a wall mounted dispenser. In saying that though yout only get a small sheet per tear and we have estimated approx 5 to 6 sheets are the minimum amount needed to dry your hands. Tork Reflex was a system manufactured by Lotus Professional who are now Tork and is designed for wiping up spillages and the general wiping of surfaces. If we were to ever recommend a centrefeed roll to be used for drying hands then this is the most cost effective.

Standard centrefeed dispensers and rolls that don’t offer a controlled option can be costly. The easiest way to check for waste is to check your washroom bins. Unravel a few lengths of the waste rolls and see for yourself how much of the tissue has actually been used to dry hands. Over the years i’ve done this exercise many times and have seen over 2 metres of tissue beed pulled out to dry a simple hand wash. Thats approx 10 sheets of a normal square hand towel. Manufacturers say you should need no more than 5 hand towels to dry your hands and 3-4 should be effective.

So What Are Centrefeed Rolls for if not for Drying Hands?

Glad you asked! Centrefeed rolls are disigned to be a wiping roll to mop up spillages, similar to Kitchen Rolls but more compact and much better value. They are also used for wiping windows and glass but we must stress, don’t use blue rolls for this, please use white as blue tissue is a dyed tissue that can leak blue dye when certain chemicals are used in conjunction. Blue Rolls are a dyed tissue, designed for the catering and engineering industry. If you enter any professional kitchen in a hotel or restaurant you will most likely see a wall mounted centrefeed dispenser. We have found a great range of centrefeed dispensers available at Zepfix.com online store.

centrefeed dispensers

Cheapest Centrefeed Wiping Rolls

We’re all looking out for the best deals when it comes to buying centrefeed rolls. Getting the best deal is not easy though as there are so many specs available and even cases sizes. In our opinion, you’re always best going for a 150m full spec centrefeed. Flat sheet, without embossing. We’ve foung many Embossed centrefeed rolls to be quite weak in strength and not very absorbent. To see the best bulk buy deals you should visit Toiletrolls.com. The centrefeed deals are very competitive with carriage included, plus they offer better deals. If you negotiate deals over the phone. Bulk buy full pallet deals are by far the best we’ve found online!