How to Get Free Hand Towel Dispensers

How to Get Free Hand Towel Dispensers

We all like a good deal when it comes to consumables. Throwing paper down the toilet or in the waste bin can be expensive depoending on the size of your business. One way to reduce your costs is to not pay for dispensers. Lot’s of Distributors offer Free on Loan deals to end users based on the understanding that if you get free dispensers the end user would have to continue to buy refills, often under signed contract.

North Shore Free On Loan Dispensers, Bay West

Free dispenser support is currently available from Bay West UK, the range they offer include a comprehensive range of dispensers for your washroom, kitchen or workplace. A standard contact with Bay West would normally be a 3 year deal, that means to get free Dispensers you would need to buy refills. Bay West and North Shore have a network of distributors who can offer support and service.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re discussing Free Dispensers with your supplier is why they are free. Bay West and North Shore dispensers are free and refills are priced based on cost in use. Three is a list price that all distributors stock with but when competing with other brands prices can be negotiated. The main reason for a tie in contract is that tyour distributor will have no doubt paid for the dispensers you have had and over time they will eventually get their money back, once this is acheived they can then start to make a profit. It’s a commitment for both customer and distributor that works well.

Will alternative products fit into my free dispensers?

This is where you have to be carefull! System dispensers are usually designed to have a single product fit them. For instance, all North Shore dispensers only have refills that fit their own range. The 4 Roll Orbit system refills are Ecosoft JS616NS that will not fit in any other system. A standard 320 sheet household toilet roll will not fit in a System dispenser.

To enquire about getting free dispensers for your paper products and soap systems we recommend contacting, Loorolls have been a distributor of system sales for over 10 years and have a great reputation for service and support.

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To benefit from Free on Loan Dispensers we recommend that you contact the Sales office at who can offer a complete survey on your requirements.
Hand Towel Dispensers

Hand Towel Dispensers

The Minefield of Paper Hand Towel Dispensers

If you’re not already confused then good look with the following information about Paper Hand Towels Dispensers. There are so many different shapes and sizes available for all the different types of towels available. We get asked most of the following questions every week. We get so many enquiries about dispensers and towels to suit.

Question, Will your hand towels fit in my dispenser?

We offer a huge range of Hand Towel Dispensers to fit the majority of Hand Towels in the UK, saying that, there are imported dispenser about the UK that some have purchased cheap over the years that may not fit standard UK size towels.

If you can give us as much information about the dispenser you have we can normally match a towel to suit.

We have many dispensers available including

  • C Fold
  • Z Fold
  • Roller Hand Towel
  • Microfold
  • Centrefeed
  • ABS Plastic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Automatic sensor
  • AutoCut

Things to be mindfull of when it comes to hand towel dispenser is whether they will fit a certain towel. For example, if you currently use a C Fold paper towel and wish to switch to an open towel to save yourself money you will then need to know which options to choose from. A Z fold may not be the best option for this becase of the depth of the towel and the size of you dispenser opening. More time than not you are best switching from a C Fold to a V Fold or Interfold hand towel because the towel when folded normally fits nicely into the open dispenser. Our Papernet Dissolvetech V Fold is a perfect replacement for a C Fold.

If you’re looking for new hand towel dispenser, please contact us. We will more than happy to discuss your requirements.


Switch from C Fold to V Fold and Save Money

If you’ve read through this site you’ll notice that we will always recommend an open hand towel over a folded C Fold towel. We gaurantee you will save money when you switch which will help reduce your budget and also reduce your order quantities. When purchasing a Hand Towel Dispenser you must be aware that different towels fit different dispensers. Z Fold towels are not a good fit for a C Fold Dispenser.

Microfold Hand Towel Dispensers

Our Microfold dispensers are something a little different from the common teardrop dispenser you see in may establishments. Microfold from Bay West and North Shore have designed a compact dispenser and a range of Towels to suit that are smaller in size to fit and look amazingly modern in any Kitchen or Bathroom. When each dispenser has 2 full sleeves of towel there is no wasted space and a compact, neat fit.

microfold dispensers and hand towels

Offering 3 modern colours in Midnight Black, Ice White and Ocean Blue. Another amazing benefit from this North Shore Microfold Hand Towel System is that you can get Free On Loan Dispensers, that’s correct, you don’t have to pay for them, you only have to pay for the product to suit. You can read more about How to get Free Hand Towel Dispensers on our other blog post.

Roller Hand Towel Dispensers

We all want to save money when it comes to drying our hands. Roller Hand Towel Dispensers are designed with cost in use in mind. Single sheet dispensing system that offers a fully open towel ready to dry your hands. Our new range of North Shore dispensers offer 2 options, Standard auto cut system that when you pull the towel from the dispenser a mechanical mechanism automatically cuts the sheet at a certain length leaving a tab ready for the next towel pull. If thats sounds a little unhygienic for you then wht not look at our North Shore Hybrid Automatic Sensor Roller Hand Towel Dispenser. This is a battery powered dispenser with a sensor that enables a single sheet towel ready to use. With a standard delay so the towels don’t keep coming out. We have automatic to have some great points but also a few negative ones. As hygienic as is sounds, and they do offer the solution for not wanting to actually touch the dispenser there is a sheet tab visible and therefore may be deemed as not emclosed and not 100% clean and untouched. The biggest issue we have found is to be the maintenance. If you don’t keep an eye on the dispensers and the battery runs out then the system doesn’t work. Once the battery has run out it is then down to the users to replace or recharge. We have had many compaints over the years about dispenser not working only to find the batteries had not been replaced!

north shore hybrid roll towel dispensers

What would be your preferred Hand Towel Dispenser? Let us know of the issues you may have in your day to day paper hand towel world!