Should you really be using Centrefeed as a Hand Towel?

In our opinion no! For distributors to offer Centrefeed rolls as a hand towel option is often good business as it does mean that you come back quicker to buy your next batch of rolls. In saying that, we are aware that many end users choose Centrefeed rolls as a first choice hand towel and no matter what advice they are given they, for some reason stick with centrefeed.

We would much prefer to offer a solution that works and offers value for money. All of the Paper Hand Towel options you see throughout this website are designed to dry your hands, some offer comfort, others offer value and the rest are what we would recommend which offer both.

Why we Don’t Recommend Centrefeed to Dry Your Hands.

Waste!! It’s the biggest problem with using centrefeed rolls to dry your hands as it can be so misused. There are options to buy a controlled centrefeed from Tork. Tork offer a system call Reflex which tears off at a set perforration once pulled from a wall mounted dispenser. In saying that though yout only get a small sheet per tear and we have estimated approx 5 to 6 sheets are the minimum amount needed to dry your hands. Tork Reflex was a system manufactured by Lotus Professional who are now Tork and is designed for wiping up spillages and the general wiping of surfaces. If we were to ever recommend a centrefeed roll to be used for drying hands then this is the most cost effective.

Standard centrefeed dispensers and rolls that don’t offer a controlled option can be costly. The easiest way to check for waste is to check your washroom bins. Unravel a few lengths of the waste rolls and see for yourself how much of the tissue has actually been used to dry hands. Over the years i’ve done this exercise many times and have seen over 2 metres of tissue beed pulled out to dry a simple hand wash. Thats approx 10 sheets of a normal square hand towel. Manufacturers say you should need no more than 5 hand towels to dry your hands and 3-4 should be effective.

So What Are Centrefeed Rolls for if not for Drying Hands?

Glad you asked! Centrefeed rolls are disigned to be a wiping roll to mop up spillages, similar to Kitchen Rolls but more compact and much better value. They are also used for wiping windows and glass but we must stress, don’t use blue rolls for this, please use white as blue tissue is a dyed tissue that can leak blue dye when certain chemicals are used in conjunction. Blue Rolls are a dyed tissue, designed for the catering and engineering industry. If you enter any professional kitchen in a hotel or restaurant you will most likely see a wall mounted centrefeed dispenser. We have found a great range of centrefeed dispensers available at online store.

centrefeed dispensers

Cheapest Centrefeed Wiping Rolls

We’re all looking out for the best deals when it comes to buying centrefeed rolls. Getting the best deal is not easy though as there are so many specs available and even cases sizes. In our opinion, you’re always best going for a 150m full spec centrefeed. Flat sheet, without embossing. We’ve foung many Embossed centrefeed rolls to be quite weak in strength and not very absorbent. To see the best bulk buy deals you should visit The centrefeed deals are very competitive with carriage included, plus they offer better deals. If you negotiate deals over the phone. Bulk buy full pallet deals are by far the best we’ve found online!