Flushable Paper Hand Towels

I can gaurantee that when you come across a blocked toilet or drainage problems, your supplier or tissue manufacturer will get the blame! Over the years i’ve had to visit many sites to get to root of the problem. Don’t get me wrong, there have been occasions over the years when toilet tissue has been to blame. I can recall one incident when a paper converter used hand towel tissue as a toilet tissue by mistake and it caused a blockage. That however was an isolated incident and luckily doesn’t really happen. The problem was quickly resolved and the stocks in question was re-pulped.

Finally, after all these years there is a solution to help combat blocked drains and toilets. Papernet have developed a paper towel that is not just flushable but dissolves in water. Dissolve tech is a new technology that are perfect for use in problem areas where Paper Hand Towels are dropped down the loo. Problem areas of business seem to be Schools, Care Homes, Motorway Service Stations and Hospitals.

Take a look at our Video explaining the benefits of a Dissolvable Hand Towel.

Papernet Dissolvetech V Fold Paper Hand Towels

Papernet Dissolve Tech is a developing range of Tissue Products and offers a great product called DissolveTech V Fold Hand Towels, boxed with 3150 towels per case. This is an Interleaved hand towel that presents an open towel for drying your hands meaning no waste at all as every inch of the tissue is used. Each towel is manufactured using 20gsm per ply, Pure cellulose tissue, that’s 40gsm per towel. The towel size is 21cm x 22cm, a perfect size for hand drying. Each towel has a wave pattern with a light blue zig zag design. We have to say, this is a top quality paper towel and highly recommended from us here!

Papernet Dissolvetech 2ply White Paper Hand Towels

papernet dissolvetech paper hand towls

What’s the Difference Between Flight Hand Towels and Dissolvetech?

Flight paper hand towels are flushable and do break down in water but the big difference is that we can only find them available in a C Fold format. Flight towels are a big part of aviation supplies as most, if not all aircraft use a flight hand towel. Now with the dissolve tech range Papernet sales are sure to be hot on their heels.