The big debate. Over the years we’ve heard many people argue about whether hand dryers are better than hand towels. We’ll try to stay neutral in this post even though we do have our own opinion.

It’s sounds obvious that if you don’t have to buy Paper Hand towels then you dont have to spend any money. Well that’s not really the case. You firstly have to purchase Hand Dryers, these can range from as little as £55 for the cheap 2kw Blue Dry Junior dryers. The problem with a 2kw hand dryer is that it takes ages to dry your hands and to be honest, who wants to wait around in toilets for more than time than they need to? Not me, that’s for sure!

For the more expensive Automatic Hand Dryers you can expect to pay up to £1000. There are deals to be had if you’re a savvy shopper. In our experience, you can find a decent hand dryer for approximately £300. At this price range you can find dryers that promise a 10 second hand dry. Saying that i would expect to take a little longer to dry my hands properly. Even with paper towels i would expect to take my time.

What is more Hygienic, Hand Towels or Hand Dryers?

its fair to say that everyone has their own opinion and regardless of what reports my say, people have t make decision’s based on their budget and needs. If it was up to us here, Paper Hand Towels would be the choice. Not just because were here to make money or sell you products but because when i want to dry my hands in a public washroom i want to wash and go as quickly as i can with dry hands. Standing in peoples way waiting for a dryer to work it’s magic take forever in my opinion and when you do get a dryer that works quickly you still walk out the bathroom and wipe your hands on your pants, they never really feel dry!

We found a great article from The Guardian back in 2019 that goes into detail and also supports the use of paper hand towels over hand dryers. Take a look and feel free to comment and voice your opinion.