There are many options in the UK for Paper Hand Towels, making the right choice will be based on your business type and your budget. If your budget is low and your footfall is high then you would imagine the cheapest case price would be your best choice. However, you should really be thinking about the waste involved and the cost per use per towel.

Things to look out for when costing Paper Hand Towels

I’ll use an example from The current (27th Sept 2018) pricing on 2 towels, C Fold 1ply Green and V Fold 1ply Green. You will see the current case price on both. The C fold is cheaper per case price but if you look into the specification you will see that you get 2080 more towels per case with the V Fold. The costing below shows a price per 100 towels. The saving is based on the amount of towels per case and doesn’t take into account the extra towels used when you have C Fold. To conclude, for us it’s a no brainer! V Fold Hand Towels works out so much better value for money and less waste. The gsm on both towels are the same. There is a difference with the towel size but saying that, C fold hand towels are not very often opened out to a full size towel.

  Pack Size CASE PRICE PRICE per 100
C Fold Green 2520 £11.50 £0.46
V Fold Green 4600 £15.50 £0.34


Are you confused about how many different types of Paper Hand Towels there are available? How easy is it to decide which towels are best for you and your company? I suppose it does come down to budget, we all want the best product for the cheapest price. Scouring the internet for the cheapest hand towels can also be so time consuming and lets face it, boring. Trying to work out case sizes, grammage, towel sizes, how many plies does a towel have, it’s never ending. What we have found is the most comprehensive economy range available is from Desna Professional Products. You will find all common folded type hand towels suitable for all dispensers.


c fold paper hadn towel collection

To recap, although C Fold towels are common and do the job we do recommend a interleaved paper towel. Based on the above comparison we have offered an easy solution for you to save money with our V Fold Paper Towel range. Give it a go and tell us what you think!

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