It’s so easy to get confused with all the different types of folds there are when it comes to paper hand towels. C, Z, M, I, V, S and i’m sure i’ve missed some from the list.

V Fold Paper hand towels are a UK favourite. These hand towels are also known as Singlefold, Interleaved, Interfold or I Fold hand towels. It basically means that ever 2 towels are linked together and when one towel is dispensed form your wall mounted V Fold Dispenser there is a towel ready for the next person to dry their hands.

The V Fold Paper Hand Towels Options

You will find many options when it comes to a V Fold towel. we will list here our best and most common products you will find in the UK.

  • V Fold 1ply Green
  • V Fold 1ply Blue
  • V Fold 1ply White
  • V Fold 2ply White (Best seller)

When it comes to saving money with paper towels V Fold are a great option. Often packed in 5000’s which helps reduce order quantities which saves on carriage costs and the amount of boxed you have to purchase. You can find many buying options at, they offer a pack of 4600 V Fold Paper Hand Towels 1ply Blue or Green for as little £13.50 for a pallet.

Schools, Colleges and Hospitals are already a big user of V Fold towels with Care homes starting to come on board, replacing the old fashioned C Fold towels. Hospitals are a big favourite of V Fold 2ply White hand towels and with the new Dissolve tech 2ply White being available the costly issues of blocked drains can be a thing of the past, when it comes to hand towels blocking drains that is!