Z Fold hand towels are a popular choice with those who want to save money. When drying your hands it is important to have a hand towel that is open so that the whole surface area can be used to absorb wet hands. This hand towel is designed to be open once dispensed from a wall mounted hand towel dispenser.

Z Fold Hand Towels Options

We have more than one option when it comes to Z Folded Paper Towels offering value, economy and quality. Even 1 ply Blue Hand Towels offer a great hand dry due to a high gsm.

  • Blue
  • White
  • 1ply, 2ply or 3ply
  • Recycled Tissue
  • Pure Cellulose, Virgin Tissue
  • Brands include Papernet, Katrin, Tork, Desna

The Best Selling Z Folded Hand Towel

As much as we sell many economy hand towels including the ever popular ZFold 1ply Blue towel we sell so many more Z Fold Paper Hand Towels 2ply White. Boxed in 3000 sheets per case you can find many great deals. One of the best deals you will find online is from Loorolls.com offering a pallet deal at only £13.50 per case. Single case and parcel prices are also available at amazing rates. This is a mixed recycled grade tissue of 50% Recycled and 50% pulp. Each towel size is 220 x 240mm and more than adequate for a complete towel dry of no more than 3-4 hand towels per dry. Each ply is 18 gsm totalling in in a 36gsm hand towel. Micro Embossing the 2 plies together is more than enough for the plies not to come apart and offers a soft and strong towel. Desna Products has a great range of paper disposables including a range of Z Fold Paper Towels to choose from.

Papernet Z Fold Paper Hand Towels, Special Range

Part of the Papernet Luxury range of Hand Towels from Sofidel. As good as the above recycled Z fold are there are customers who don’t worry about costs and simply want the best. Papernet offer a deluxe Z Fold towel made from pure cellulose that is glue embossed. This towel is 20gsm per ply totalling 40gsm per towel witha  size of 22 x 24cm. You can download the Data Sheet for more information. Each sheet has a wave embossed pattern to enhance the quality, look and feel.

Do not use Centrefeed to dry your hands

We know many of you guys use Centrefeed rolls to dry your hands but really, you are wasting money. Check the amount of wasted tissue paper in your washroom bin and how much if the tissue is dry!